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Christine blasey ford publicly alleged on 16 september 2018 that us.

Dr christine ford images. A conservative facebook pages attempt to smear christine blasey ford used a stock photograph of an entirely different woman. Christine blasey ford testified to the senate judiciary committee on thursday. Photos from the hearing show an emotional blasey as she recalls how supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh.

Christine blasey ford is a professor at palo alto university and teaches in consortium with stanford university. Christine fords last minute accusations against squeaky clean judge brett kavanaugh stunned the political world. Supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when both of them were high schoolers in 1982 she.

Christine blasey ford did her best to portray herself as a soft spoken victim who appeared to be heavily medicated on a drug such as zanax or prosac to deal with her stress her disheveled hair and scatter brain remarks shows she is a twit and despite being a professor in college now she was part of a party girl prep school. The most iconic images from christine blasey fords testimony. Christine blasey ford taking her seat before the senate judiciary committee.

The images that will define the emotional testimony by brett kavanaugh and christine ford. Tom williams poolgetty images she had reporters between herself and the senate panel which loomed above her. Christine blasey ford unseen testifies during the senate judiciary committee hearing.

A bit enigmatic and maybe by design but theres little information available online. But fords accusations were questioned when she provided no date no location and all of the alleged witnesses including her friend denied the allegations.

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