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Dr ford questioning. She is a survivor of sexual assault who has chosen to go public in the national interest said kiersten stewart policy director at futures without violence. The first round of dr. The prosecutor hired by republican senators to question christine blasey ford has declared that fords allegations of sexual assault against supreme court nominee brett m.

Extremely emotional extremely raw and extremely credible chris wallace said with regard to her testimony. Christine blasey ford and finding it extremely triggering. Ford questioning submitted 20 days ago by missvanjie123 ive been watching the questioning of dr.

Senator feinsteins objection that my question undermines the witnesss credibility is noted and disregarded. Ford you are a committed liberal correct. Ford is not on trial.

Christine blasey ford as she offers personal testimony accusing supreme court nominee. Senators who sit on the senate judiciary committee are not the only people who are questioning dr. Kavanaugh are so weak.

Christine blasey fords testimony before the senate judiciary committee failed to impress fox news.

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