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Ford jokes kavanaugh. In this role he made the following instagram post about the letter that. What a joke this has become guess why christine blasey ford and dems might seek to further delay kavanaugh hearing posted at 358 pm on september 21 2018 by doug p. Moreover ford we learned had never mentioned sexual assault until kavanaughs name began appearing in the media as a prospective supreme court justice in 2012 and she never specifically.

The entire nation spent the day thursday enraptured by the senate hearings of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his accuser dr. Kavanaugh accuser christine blasey fords team lays out terms it wants for potential senate interview parnell too has drawn ire in the election. Kavanaughs statement in which he denied fords allegation and called the confirmation process a disgrace saying he initially demanded a hearing for the very next day after the.

The off color remark appeared to poke fun at ginsburgs age she is 85 and the recent sexual assault allegations made against kavanaugh by california professor christine blasey ford.

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