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All 11 republicans on the judiciary panel are men and the gop was keen to avoid having male republican senators ask tough questions to christine blasey ford the woman who has accused kavanaugh.

Ford questioning. Allies of president donald trump criticized of rachel mitchells questioning of professor christine blasey ford at thursdays senate judiciary committee hearing. Senator feinsteins objection that my question undermines the witnesss credibility is noted and disregarded 2. The woman questioning christine blasey ford on thursday during her testimony against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh has built her career out of investigating sex crimes and interviewing.

Under questioning ford acknowledged that she had flown to washington dc for testimony despite having earlier cited anxiety about flying as a reason for delaying her testimony by a few days. The senate judiciary committee hearing thursday where supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault are set to testify about her allegation will see both. As her time for questioning ford was coming to an end rachel mitchell herself seemed to give voice to her exasperation with her task arizona sex crimes prosecutor rachel mitchell was a long way.

Ford you are a committed liberal correct.

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