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The problem with fords testimony is that the the second front door was built on their home long before that date.

Ford testimony photo. Images of truth from christine blasey fords testimony and what they mean. If hes been watching on his favorite network fox news he may be surprised. Christine blasey ford and supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh testify to senate judiciary committee.

Saul loebpool photo via ap 10. The white house says president trump is watching christine blasey ford and brett kavanaughs testimony. Advertisement story continues below does that about sum up what we can expect from tomorrows testimony.

The address has been. You may also want to view these photo galleries. Win mcnamees photo of christine blasey ford testifying screams wes anderson.

The three pictures by world renown political satirist dixon diaz below pretty much sum up what we can expect from tomorrows hearing from kavanaughs accusers. Gateway pundit supporters of christine ford protested outside her home in palo alto california two weeks ago. Christine blasey fords emotional testimony here are the images from inside and outside the senate judiciary committee hearing on the allegations against supreme court.

Advertisement story continues below here are two bonus pictures that also offer. Christine blasey ford testifies before the senate judiciary. Cbs local included a photo of fords home in their coverage.

According to online queries and pictures of the property from as early as 2007 the house in question had two doors in the front since at least 2011 and probably earlier. Ford was embraced by her legal team and her relief was palpable when she finished her testimony.

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